Really can’t fault this service.
I purchased a few months ago and since then I have had access to many sports channels that I previously couldn’t see.
Between Celtic games and pay per view boxing, this has paid for itself already.
Sometimes I find that the BT stream will fail, usually during a premier league game but being honest when this happens I’ll go on to a foreign channel be it BEIN sports or Italian tv and I can usually find a stream again.
The reason I am here just now as that I recently had a huge power outage at my house and I lost all internet connectivity.
I managed to finally get everything up and running again but I had lost my links to IPTV. I sent them a message via e-mail and in less than 24hrs they had re-sent a link and fixed my service again.
Again, I am extremely happy with the service provided and without a doubt, I will re-subscribe when the time comes.

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