Sorry, our services don’t work with these devices at the moment but we are developing our app that will enable you to use our service with these apps.

1. Go to App Store on any iOS device and install the GSE IPTV App.

2. Once it’s done downloading and installing open it.

3. Now tap Menu or 3 lines icon at the top left corner.

4. Then tap Xtream-Codes API.

5. Then tap Yellow + Sign to all your m3u information.

6. Here you will have 4 lines to fill data with :

7. 1st Line type: Evolve IPTV

8. 2nd Line type: The server URL will be provided.

9. 3rd Line type the username that will be provided to you.

10. 4th Line type the password that will be provided to you.

**Both Username and Password are case sensitive.

11. In the last tap add and it will verify everything.

12. If everything turns good you will get Shaz IPTV on your screen.

Just tap it and watch the channels you love.


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